Every glass of JIZAKE deserves something delicious to go with it.

We have plenty of tasty tapas and nibbles to complement your JIZAKE. Prices range from ¥400. The following is a part of our menu.

●Chikin no herb yaki (Grilled chicken with aromatic herbs)
●Tsukune bagu (Minced chicken patty)
●Gyutan shioyaki (Grilled beef tongue with salt)
●Ankake dashimaki (Japanese omelet covered in thick arrowroot sauce)
●Usuage yaki (Grilled deep-fried tofu)
●Hourensou no ohitashi (Boiled spinach with soy sauce and dried bonito flakes)
●Negi nuta (Boiled scallions dressed with vinegar and miso)
●Shiroiae (Tofu and veggie salad with sesame and white miso dressing)
●Assorted cheeses
●Yakiago (Dried flying fish fry)
●Finger snacks (Chocolate, Giant corn, etc.)
●Handa men (Thin noodle soup)
●Hojicha ice cream (Roasted green tea ice cream with caramel liquor sauce)
   and so on...